The Gunne Sax Phenomenon

 (English version follows)

 今回は、世界中にコレクターがいる、ガーリーでフェミニンなスタイルで有名な、Gunne Saxについて書きたいと思います

当店に、その数が400着以上のおそらく世界一の量のガニーサックスのコレクションが入荷いたします ガニーサックスは、1967~68年にEleanor BaileyとCarol Millerがラベルを考案、Carol Millerの離脱後、1969年にJessica McClintockがジョイントし、株式会社として再スタートしました 1960年代から80年代初めごろまでは『大草原の小さな家』(Little House on the Prairie)にでてくるような雰囲気のドレスのPrairie Styleのものや、Victoria調、Edwardian調のものが多く作られました





In this entry, I will focus on Gunne Sax – the brand famous for old-school, old-world, feminine and “girly” wear that we all remember from late 19th / early 20th century period pieces.

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The Gunne Sax label was created by Eleanor Bailey and Carol Miller between 1967-68, and after Carol left the business, Jessica McClintock joined and they relaunched as a corporation. From the 1960s to through the 80s, Gunne Sax produced many “prairie-style” dresses (like those shown in the TV series Little House of the Prairie), as well as Victorian and Edwardian-style dresses and skirts.

Beginning in the 80s, Gunne Sax began to sell southern belle dresses - complete with all of the ribbons, details and frills prevalent throughout the southern US during the 19th century; which reached their peak particularly during the 1860’s.

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