Part II of - Two Pillars of Leather Jackets: the Navy G-1

(English version follows)



The G-1 is an Intermediate Cold Weather Zone Jacket used where temperatures hovered between minus 10ºC (14ºF) and 10ºC (57.2ºF) and is worn from early winter to early spring.

Characteristics of the G-1 include a button fly pocket on the collar bone, an inner flap up to the pit of the stomach, and the
back skin has action pleats using multiple skins and allowing for ease of movement.

Like the A-2, the G-1 was developed and adopted by the Navy in the 1930s (with temporary unavailability due to a shortage of skins).
The leather material is goatskin (morocco leather), and a sheep mouton is attached to the collar to allow it to stand up - keeping the neck warm.

The Army and Navy compete to this day as good rivals, so naturally they developed their own parallel flight jackets.